#60MedwayMinutes – 8-9pm 16 July 2018


Twitter hours. You get them for all kinds of things these days. Craft Hours, Deven Hours, Giant African Land Snail Racing Hours (probably).

How about an hour of Twitter-time devoted solely to the theme of Medway music?

There’s enough of it about.

Between 8 and 9pm on Monday 16 July 2018 Twitter will be alive with the sounds of Medway Music.

If you’re an artist or in a band and have some news you want to share (gig dates, album, EP or single releases, the long awaited introduction of a hornucopian dronepipe to your line-up), be sure to let Twitter know using the hashtag “#60MedwayMinutes”.

And if you’ve got no news to share, why not share some memories, photos or videos about Medway musical exploits of yore.

Even a couple of retweets here and there would be hugely welcome.

The aim is to get the hashtag trending; to celebrate all the good stuff we’ve got going on in this part of the world – and to introduce people to a whole load of music they may not have heard before.

So get tweeting (and remember the hashtag!).

Album review: The Galileo 7 – ‘Tear Your Minds Wide Open’

Galileo 7 - Tear Your Minds Wide Open

A couple of weeks back, after seeing the deluge of reviews I wrote for various Medway bands in the space of a single week, Allan Crockford from The Galileo 7 asked me if I’d cast my ears over the band’s latest outing, Tear Your Minds Wide Open.

It would, quite frankly have been rude – not to mention incredibly foolish – to refuse. And so, here it is – somewhat delayed (sorry Allan!). Have a read of the following and then tear your wallet wide open to procure your copy.

Album review: Lost Film Foundation – ‘(the big light)’

Lost Film Foundation

To be honest, it came out quite a while back. Just before Christmas if memory serves.

But (the big light) still deserves some attention. It’s the sole album from a now defunct band called Lost Film Foundation, released post-split.

Matt Kilda (once known as Lupen Crook) fronted the band with Jemimah Dean sharing vocal duties. The sound switches from the simplest of melodies to glorious, discordant racket while the lyrics paint portraits of inner turmoils at their most chaotic.

Read on for more…

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