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'Is there really that much music in Medway?'

[Last update: 23/03/15]

Do It Yourself: a History of Music in Medway

' To those not in the know about such things, a book of more than 400 pages about music in Medway seems a bizarre notion.

The headline to this article is something lots of people have said to me while I've been writing the tome. One person rather cruelly suggested such an endeavour should fill little more than a pamphlet. They were, and are, of course, slightly wrong.

And so, to prove such people wrong, here is the discography for Do It Yourself: a History of Music in Medway. While many history books will have a bibliography, it makes more sense to have a list of music, rather than books that have informed this particular tome.

This is far from a exhaustive list of every single album, EP and single recorded by Medway based bands. Even to include the full output of Billy Childish in his various bands would mean the list would go on much, much longer. It is, quite simply a list of all the records which get a mention (however great or small) in Do It Yourself. Still, hopefully it's enough of an idea why people asking 'is there really that much music in Medway' are a bit wrong.

This list will appear in the back of Do It Yourself: a History of Music in Medway which will be published ever so shortly.

Artist Title
Alvin Purple Headcase (single) (1995)
The Ambience Colour in Silence (2011)
Amino People Work it Out (2005)
Armitage Shanks Takin' the Piss (1994)
  Road Fever (EP) (1995)
  Nevermind the Ballcocks (You Hum It - We'll Smash Your Face In) (1997)
  Urinal Heap (2004)
  25 Golden Showers (2005)
  Smash the Cistern (2005)
  All Cisterns Go (2011)
The Barbs Lupine Peroxide (2004)
Ludella Black and The Masonics From this Witness Stand (2008)
The Bresslaws I Only Asked! (2006)
Brigadier Ambrose Decembered (single) (2007)
  How Popular You Are (EP) (2007)
  Fuzzo (2009)
Broken Banjo Bravo 106 (EP) (2013)
The Buff Medways A Tribute to The Daggermen (EP) (2001)
  This is This (2001)
  Steady the Buffs (2002)
  1914 (2003)
  The XFM Sessions (2003)
  Medway Wheelers (2005)
Burn Paper Tigers Burn Paper Tigers (2013)
UpCDownC And the Battle is Won (2005)
  Embers (2008)
The Chatham Singers Juju Claudius (2009)
Cherubs Uncovered by Heartbeat (2004)
  A Man of No Importance (EP) (2005)
  I Go to Whom I'm Dressed For (2005)
  Papercut Moon (2006)
Billy Childish 25 Years of Being Childish (2002)
  Archive from 1959 - The Billy Childish Story (2009)
Billy Childish and Sexton Ming Dung Beetle Rolls Again (2012)
Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire Christmas 1979 (2007)
  Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall (2007)
  Thatcher's Children (2008)
Suzi Chunk Girl from the Neck Down (2012)
The Claim Armstrong's Revenge and Eleven Other Short Stories (1985)
  This Pencil was Obviously Sharpened by a Lefthanded Indian Knife Thrower (EP) (1987)
  Boomy Tella (1988)
  Picking Up the Bitter Little Pieces (single) (1989)
  Birth of a Teenager (single) (1990)
  Sunday (single) (1990)
  Black Path (2009)
Coax Haberdashery (EP) (1996)
  Fear of Standing Still (1998)
Coley Goodbye Brains (1972)
Crybaby Special No Excuses (2013)
CTMF All Our Forts Are With You (2013)
  Die Hinterstoisser Traverse (2013)
The Daggermen Introducing The Daggermen (EP) (1984)
  Dagger in my Mind (1986)
The Deccas Ways to the Sun (2008)
The Delmonas Dangerous Charms (1985)
The Dentists Some People are on the Pitch, They Think it's All Over, it is Now (1985)
  Down and Out in Paris and Chatham (EP) (1986)
  The Fun Has Arrived (EP) (1988)
  Heads and How to Read Them (1991)
  Dressed (EP) (1992)
  Powdered Lobster Fiasco (1993)
  Behind the Door I Keep the Universe (1994)
  Deep Six (1995)
Dodson's Dogs Rain Stops Play (1999)
Kris Dollimore 02/01/1978 (2007)
The Flowing Garden of England (2010)
Frau Pouch All Hail Space Chicken (EP) (2013)
Funke and the Two Tone Baby Battles (2012)
The Galileo 7 Are We Having Fun Yet (2010)
  Staring at the Sound (2012)
The Gift Horses Rosemary (single) (1987)
Goodchilde Elizabeth's Talking Straight into my Head (1993)
  Straight Out the Fridge (1995)
Graham Day and the Gaolers Soundtrack to the Daily Grind (2007)
  Triple Distilled (2008)
Groovy Uncle Play Something we Know (2011)
Groovy Uncle and Suzi Chunk One Vowel Away from the Truth (2013)
Hand of Stabs Geometry of Dust (EP) (2011)
Thee Headcoat Sect Ready, Sect, Go! (1999)
Thee Headcoatees Girlsville (1991)
Thee Headcoats Sect Deerstalking Men (1996)
Thee Headcoats Headcoats Down (1989)
  Beach Bums Must Die (1990)
  Earls of Suavedom (1990)
  Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! It's Thee Headcoats Already (1990)
  The Kids are all Square…This is Hip (1990)
  In Tweed we Trust (1992)
  Knights of the Baskervilles (1996)
  The Sound of the Baskervilles (1996)
  Sherlock Holmes meets the Punkenstein Monster (1998)
  The Messershmidt Pilot's Severed Hand (1998)
  Elementary Headcoats (2000)
  I am the Object of Your Desire (2000)
  Live at the Dirty Water Club (2001)
The Hyacinth Girls Happy Now (1988)
  Old Men Ought to be Explorers (1996)
Sally Ironmonger Cheap Day Return (2012)
The James Taylor Quartet Mission Impossible (1987)
  The Money Spyder (1987)
  Wait a Minute (1988)
Keratin Smashed Bottle Spark
Kid Harpoon Once (2009)
Kids Unique Assortments (2011)
  Hatred and Bullshit (EP) (2013)
The Kravin' "A"s Krave On (1991)
The Len Bright Combo Combo Time (1986)
  The Len Bright Combo Presents The Len Bright Combo by The Len Bright Combo (1986)
  The Len Bright Combo (2003)
Len Price 3 Chinese Burn (2003)
  Rentacrowd (2007)
  Pictures (2010)
  Nobody Knows (2013)
Lick Softly Sleeping (EP) (2000)
The Long Weekend Less Than Zero (EP) (2003)
  Medway's the Difference between My Town and Yours (EP) (2006)
  Record (EP) (2007)
  20 Minutes, 13 Stops (2008)
  Falling In (EP) (2008)
Los Salvadores Is This a Set Up? (EP) (2005)
  Pink Champagne (EP) (2006)
  Attack of the Clones!  (2008)
  Excerpt from a Ward (EP) (2008)
  Wasps, Birds and Clients (EP) (2009)
  Mistress of Distress and the Incredible Shrinking Man (2010)
  Stuck Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (EP) (2010)
The Love Family All You Need Is (EP) (1990)
  Burnt (EP) (1992)
  The Happy Couple (single) (1993)
  Out of Reach (2011)
  A Soundtrack (EP) (2013)
Lupen Crook Accidents Occur Whilst Sleeping (2006)
  Iscariot the Ladder (2008)
  The Pros and Cons of Eating Out (2010)
  Waiting for the Post-Man (2011)
  British Folk Tales (2012)
The Masonics The Masonics (1991)
  Down Among the Dead Men (1998)
  Silently by Night (1998)
  Royal and Ancient (2007)
Micky and the Salty Seadogs Saltwater and Whisky (2001)
Thee Mighty Caesars Thee Mighty Caesars (1985)
  Beware the Ides of March (1985)
  Acropolis Now (1986)
  Thee Caesars of Trash (1986)
  Wiseblood (1987)
  John Lennon's Corpse Revisited (1989)
The Milkshakes and The Prisoners The Last Night at the MIC (1983)
The Milkshakes Talking 'Bout Milkshakes! (1981)
  14 Rhythm and Beat Greats (1982)
  20 Rock and Roll Hits of the 50's and 60's (1983)
  After School Session (1983)
  The Men with the Golden Guitars (1983)
  The Milkshakes in Germany (1983)
  Nothing Can Stop These Men (1984)
  The Knights of Trashe (1984)
Pete Molinari Walking Off the Map (2006)
  A Virtual Landslide (2008)
  A Train Bound for Glory (2010)
  Theosophy (2014)
The Offbeats In Rhythm Off Beat (1984)
The Paisley Polka Dot Picnic Party The Paisley Polka Dot Picnic Party (2008)
Parker Forget the Boy Who Cried
Piggery Jokery Nevermind the Sex Pistols, We're the Ballocks (EP)
The Pop Rivets MT Sounds from Anarchy Ranch (1979)
  The Pop Rivets' Greatest Hits (1979)
The Pressure Through the Looking Glass (1984)
The Prime Movers Sins of the Fourfathers (1989)
  Earth Church (1991)
  Arc (1993)
The Prisoners A Taste of Pink (1982)
  The Wisermiserdemelza (1983)
  The Electric Fit EP (1984)
  The Last Fourfathers (1985)
  In From the Cold (1986)
Sergeant's Mess When You Were Mine (EP) (2002)
The Shall I Say Quois Shall I Say Quois? (EP) (2013)
The Singing Loins Songs for the Organ (1991)
  At the Bridge (with Billy Childish) (1993)
  Steak and Gravy (1993)
  Penny Plain Tuppence Coloured (1994)
  Clever Clogs and Big Head (1996)
  The Complete and Utter Singing Loins - 50 Lo-fi Trash-folk Greats (2004)
  Songs to Hear Before You Die (2005)
  The Drowned Man Resuscitator (2007)
  Unravelling England (2009)
  Stuff (2011)
  …here on earth (2012)
The Solarflares Psychedelic Tantrum (1999)
  That Was Then…And So is This (2000)
  Look What I Made Out of my Head (2002)
  Laughing Suns (2004)
The Spartan Dreggs Forensic R 'n' B (2011)
  Coastal Command (2012)
  Dreggradation (2012)
  Tablets of Linear B (2012)
That Massive Bereavement Sugar for the Masses (EP) (2014)
Theatre Royal ...From Rubble Rises (2010)
  At the End of a River, the Sea… (2012)
  We Don't Know Where We Are (2014)
Tundra A Kentish Garland (1978)
  Tundra Live (1984)
Stuart Turner A Gallon of Water Makes a Mile of Fog (2006)
  File Under Carnal Knowledge (2008)
Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society Gin and Bitters (2010)
  Weekend Heart (EP) (2011)
  On the Brink of Misadventure (2012)
  The Art and Science of Phrenology (2014)
The Vandebilts The Vandebilts (2013)
The Vermin Poets Poets of England (2010)
VLKS VLKS V (2013)
  VLKS X (2013)
What Would Jesus Drive? The Girls Are In Charge (EP) (2010)
  Your Awful Kids (EP) (2010)
  Black and Blue (2011)
Wheels Forget It (2011)
  Get Out Claws (EP) (2012)
Wolf's Head and Vixen Morris Unearthed (2011)
Various Blabbermouth I (1987)
  Blabbermouth II (1987)
  Medway Powerhouse I (1987)
  Medway Powerhouse II (1987)
  Medway Powerhouse III (1988)
  Medway Powerhouse IV (1989)
  Songs from the Medway Delta (2000)
  The Smoking Dog Presents an Evening of Medway Blues (2005)
  ME1 (2009)
  ME2 (2010)
  ME3 (2011)
  ME4 (2012)
  ME5 (2013)


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