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The astute visitor to this site, viewer of my tweets and general stalker of my activity on the web may have noticed not much has been happening of late.

That's because I'm on a sabbatical from my usual writing activities. I've taken a break from writing for Rock Kent, Shout4Music and BBC Gloucestershire while I concentrate on writing a book about music from Medway.

For the uninitiated, the River Medway flows down from the north of Kent meandering through the towns of Strood, Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham and Rainham, the Medway Towns.

A LOT of music has come from this relatively small area. The place has buzzed with musical activity for the last 35-ish years. It started out with the raw sound of garage thanks to the influence of the likes of Billy Childish and Graham Day on the landscape, but there was also a fair dash of jangly alternative pop,, comedy acts (with names like The Killer Rabbits, Auntie Vegetable and The Sperm Bank Experience) and, with the arrival of a new millenium, an explosion of indie and acoustic acts.

And so, I decided to write a book about it all.

I'm currently interviewing various members of Medway's musical alumni which is throwing up lots of fascinating facts like...well, that would be telling.

The book's due to be published by Cultured Llama later on in the year. Keep your eyes open for more on this soon.

If you've got any memories of music from Medway you'd like to share with me, why not email me or contact me on twitter?

And on that note, it's time for one of those delicious cups of tea I often witter on about so.

(P.S. if you've not yet seen my rant about the demise of HMV you'll find it right there where it said "HMV" ten words ago).

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