A Medway Christmas Alphabet: Z is for ‘Zombie Midwife Afterbirth Squad’

We’re here. We’ve finally done it. The end of the road, last hurrah, the final curtain; we’ve got all the way to Z.

And we’ve reached it the only way possible: with a band whose devotion to the consonant is second to none.


I mean, with a song title like ‘Zombie Midwife Afterbirth Squad’, you’ve got to listen to it, haven’t you.

KILL RPNZL are part of a growing movement within Medway to make the loudest, dirtiest music EVER. Bear vs. Manero who provided the Y offering are part of it. As are Frau Pouch whose Joe and Suzanne Wise have curated some of the noisiest gigs available courtesy of their Motherboy events.

This vowel-phobic band are made up of three people: Elle Mayne on bass, Aaron Mcnulty on “guitar/mouth words” and Ollie Crook on drums. But despite the paucity in numbers, they can stir up one hell of a racket.

‘Zombie Midwife Afterbirth Squad’ is a throbbing, gnarly racket of a song – full to bursting with angst ridden lyrics about ghostly homes, aching bones and open wounds. And it all boils down to the age old tale of incompatibility and insecurity: “You’re still the one that acts so cold to me/I’m still the one that needs your company”.

It’s all been said, played and sung before, not least by Brian Molko and friends. And yet ‘Zombie…’ is far from being without its appeal.

Its driving, riff heavy bass line alone is enough to rouse even the most lethargic of post-hardcore rockers. Played loud and live, in the sweaty, claustrophobic confines of a dance floor that’s packed with like minded lovers of fast and noisy clashing, bashing and thrashing, ‘Zombie Midwife Afterbirth Squad’ can only achieve more than the desired effect.

Since the song’s release two years ago, KILL RPNZL have developed and evolved into something even bigger and better. ‘Duo‘ for example, from this year’s EP Fear Itself,  takes things to a whole new spectacular level of organised chaos with a million things happening at once: quite a feat for a three-piece.

In the meantime, ‘Zombie Midwife Afterbirth Squad’ provides an ear-bashingly frenetic introduction to the manic world of KILL RPNZL. Just remember: things can only get madder from here.

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