1980 and all that: 2015


Later…with Jools Holland has, by and large, pretty much had its day now. I don’t know why. Something of its soul has been lost. There’s just something…missing.

Which is, of course, a shame. There’s very little in the way of TV music coverage these days. So it’s a pity that the one thing that is still around is virtually entirely forgettable.

That said, I’ve made some rather good musical discoveries thank to Later….

It’s where I first came across Bellowhead and Beirut. It’s where I heard one of Damon Albarn’s many side-projects, The Good, The Bad and the Queen.

More recently, there’s been Caravan Palace. An electro-swing outfit from Paris.

Their music is infectious, fun and full of life. And you can read more about them here.

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