1980 and all that: 2007

Maxïmo Park

I tend to be fairly promiscuous in my listening habit. I’ll listen to something maybe a couple of times and then move on to something completely different. But every now and then I will find myself stuck in a groove, listening to a single band day-in day-out for ages.

At university it was, for better or worse, Cousteau who secured this peculiar accolade. In the summer of 2007, though, I found myself entranced by Maxïmo Park.

I can’t remember how I came by them. All I know is that I was immediately impressed by the band’s energy and Paul Smith’s (a) relentless determination to let his north-eastern accent shine through his vocals, and (b) admirable choice in headwear.

‘Girls Who Play Guitars’ is fast, furious and altogether rather marvellous.

And that is all I have to say on the matter.

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