1980 and all that: 2017

The album that’s seen the most plays chez Morris this year is Alt-J’s Relaxer. A richer, thicker, more sumptuous album you could not hope to hear.

It’s gorgeous.

There are, of course, those who are less impressed by The Alt-Js – as is entirely their prerogative. Shortly after Relaxer came out I saw a Youtube video which parodied how Alt-J create their songs. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Of course, there’s a fair bit more to Alt-J’s music making than loops (and even the creation of loops takes a fair bit of creativity and imagination).

Nowhere is that more apparent than on ‘Adeline’, a song which incorporates melodies from a Hans Zimmer film score, the tale of a Tasmanian Devil falling in love with a girl swimming and a snippet of a song (‘The Auld Triangle’) from a play made famous by The Dubliners.

Coincidentally, it was during this year I managed to get round to watching Inside Lleywyn Davis, a Coen Brothers film from 2013 set in the pre-Dylan Greenwich Village folk scene. The film features a performance of ‘The Auld Triangle’ with none other than Justin Timberlake singing bass.

The music on the soundtrack is so delicate, beautiful and gorgeous that I had to get myself a copy of that too. Even when I listened to the soundtrack album and The Alt-J album on the same day, I completely failed to notice the appearance of ‘The Auld Triangle’ on both records.

I can be very thick sometimes.

Anyway, ‘Adeline’ is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful song that is surely difficult to beat – even by a couple of rice cake munching lads mucking around with a loop station. And that is why you should give it a listen right now.

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