Medway Bands are the Difference Between Your Bands and Mine


Last night I posted my latest interview with a Medway musical luminary. In this case, it was Bob Collins, presenting his list of ten favourite Medway albums.

The inclusion of Brigadier Ambrose’s album, Fuzzo, prompted one Allan Crockford to suggest ‘we should do one of those annoying ‘Top 10 songs about….’ type things… Let’s collect songs about Medway by Medway bands!’

Never one to shy away from a challenge, here’s a list I’ve cobbled together over the course of an evening’s rummaging.

Personal favourites include ‘The Topless Twins of Allhallows on Sea’, ‘Murder on Gaslight Street’ and, of course, ‘The Sir John Hawkins Memorial Car Park’ (because, quite frankly, who wouldn’t to park in a car vpark named after a notorious slave trader?).

Feel free to comment with any I’ve missed.

The Ambience – ‘Rome’
Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire – ‘Back Amongst the Medway Losers’
The Bresslaws – ‘Ranscombe Fayre’
Brigadier Ambrose – ‘Moon and River’
The Buff Medways – ‘Medway Wheelers’
The Buff Medways – ‘Strood Lights’
The Claim – ‘God Cliffe and Me’
Kris Dollimore – ‘Post Industrial Hillstomp Blues’
Thee Headcoats – ‘Chatham Town Welcomes Desperate Men’
The Headcoats – ‘Headcoat and Mortarboard’
Sally Ironmonger – ‘Ballad of Flying Isaac’
Sally Ironmonger – ‘English Summer Day’
Sally Ironmonger – ‘The Ghost on Bluebell Hill’
Sally Ironmonger – No Ships’
Len Price 3 – ‘Chatham Town Spawns Devils’
Len Price 3 – ‘The Dirty Mile’
Len Price 3 – ‘Wigmore Swingers’
Len Price 3 – ‘Medway Eye’
Len Price 3 – ‘Medway Sun’
The Long Weekend – ‘Medway is the Difference Between Your Town and Mine’
Los Salvadores – ‘Bill Ruffian’
Lupen Crook – ‘The Dirty Mile’
The Milkshakes – ‘Chatham Train’
The Prime Movers – ‘Bed and Bored’
The Singing Loins – ‘Angel of the Medway’
The Singing Loins – ‘Ascending Chatham Hill’
The Singing Loins – ‘Baker’s Arms (August ’58)’
The Singing Loins – ‘Chatham Girls’
The Singing Loins – ‘God Bless the Whores of Rochester’
The Singing Loins – ‘Medway Delta Love Song’
The Singing Loins – ‘Rochester, My Dear’
The Singing Loins – ‘The Pub on the Corner (RIP The Roebuck)’
The Singing Loins – ‘The Topless Twins of Allhallows on Sea’
The Solarflares – ‘Brompton Lane’
The Solarflares – ‘Chatham Town’
The Solarflares – ‘Medway’
The Spartan Dreggs – ‘The Sir John Hawkins Memorial Car Park’
Stuart Turner – ‘Murder on Gaslight Street’
Theatre Royal – ‘Locked Together on the Lines’
Wolf’s Head and Vixen Morris – ‘Farewell to Chatham’


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