Review: Silverman – ‘Speed of Life Part II’

Silverman - Speed of life

There is, very often, a good reason why many unknown bands remain unknown to the majority of the world’s music listening public (see above for a particularly good example). Unfortunately, no such reason exists in the case of Silverman and so the world’s music listening public is missing out. While certainly not to everyone’s taste (there is something about the female voice that puts many lovers of indie/rock music off), Silverman certainly demonstrate a clear ability to match brooding, dark music with often beautiful and fragile lyrics.

Most of the songs on the Speed of Life – Part Two album seem to be about the ever cheery topic of coping with or coming away from destructive relationships and “Don’t Leave This World Without Me” is certainly no exception. Constant references are made to danger: tigers, “mutilation, painful and slow” and eating people alive. The brutality of the relationship is added to by the reference love being “just a dream” and the singer’s admission that “life if a bitch, well, baby so am I”, all of which is compounded by the incessant rhythms hammered out by the acoustic and electric guitars and the occasional hand claps.

And yet something beautiful shines through. Or is this just me being warped? Perhaps it’s in the lyrics “Don’t leave this world without me” and “teach me how to fly”. Perhaps it’s in the beautifully fragile, soaring voice of Anna Davis (particularly during the duet she sings with herself in the chorus). Perhaps it’s in the whole thing. You listen to it, and you drown with it. In it. And in a sick, sordid sort of way, that’s kind of beautiful. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather drown with.

First published on 5 November 2002 on on this link

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