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1980 and all that: 2017 – the final chapter (at last!)


It’s here, at long, long last: the final entry in the saga that is and soon to be was my 1980 and All That series.

It might not be fair to choose a favourite song of this year when we’ve still got a couple of months to go. But I’m fairly confident – barring something utterly spectacular involving the ressurections of John Lennon and George Harrison and a resulting Beatles reunion – that today’s choice will stand me in good stead.

It’s a tune from the latest Alt-J album, of which there are several (well, seven, to be precise) strong contenders. But I’ve gone for ‘Adeline’ for reasons that can be read right here.

1980 and all that: 2014

St Vincent

I’ve got a lot of time for St Vincent. Not least because her latest offering, ‘New York‘ is a thing of such heartbreaking tenderness, there is always the risk of me bursting into tears the moment the detuned piano and cracked vocals appear.

But we’re not here to talk about a 2017 release. Oh no sirree, Bob.

After a flurry of articles themed around the premise of a song for each year of my life, I’ve been largely inactive on this score lately.

I am, however, back with a vengeance for the final furlong where you’ll find me listening – in positive awe – to the magnificence that is St Vincent’s ‘Digital Witness‘.

1980 and all that: 2011

Anna Calvi

In 2011 I found myself working, among other things, at a rather dodgily run outfit that arranged dance themed hen parties.

Prior to this, I discovered through a not particularly in-depth search through their records, they’d been the brains (and groins) behind one of those chat channels you’ll find at the bottom of the TV channel menu.


All was not lost though. I placated myself with an excellent soundtrack as I attempted to create a social media campaign out of absolutely nothing: Anna Calvi.

Oh, I do love a bit of Anna Calvi.